Can You Reuse A Dental Bridge After You Have Removed It?

A dental bridge can last many years if you practice good oral hygiene. But in some cases, dentists may need to remove a dental bridge to treat a condition like dental decay or looseness. These conditions are urgent, and removal of the affected bridge is often necessary to treat them. But can you reuse a dental bridge after your dentist has removed one? It depends on the reason for removal and how the bridge is removed.

The Basic Principles And Services Of Preventative Dental Care

If you visit a dentist regularly, you probably go to a general dentist. General dentists primarily specialize in preventative dental care. Do you understand what this is? Most people know that dentists help them keep their teeth healthy, but preventative dental care involves much more than this principle only. Here are some of the basic principles and services of preventative dental care. The Purposes of Preventative Dental Care Preventative dental care has one main purpose.

2 Reasons Why Parkinson's Patients Should See Special Needs Dentists

You may think that a special needs dentist only works on patients with behavioral disorders, but special needs dentists see a wide variety of patients. If you’ve just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you may need to visit a dental office more often since the disease can affect your oral health. Here are two reasons why you should seek out a special needs dentist. Special Needs Dentists Understand How Parkinson’s Affects Oral Health