3 Alarming Signs You Need To Visit The Dentist Immediately

Do you have persistent dental pain, loose teeth, or bleeding gums? If you are experiencing these signs, book a dentist appointment immediately.

1. Inflamed, Bleeding, or Red Gums

Have you noticed that your gums are inflamed or bleeding? These are alarming signs of gum problems and should be checked immediately. Soon as you notice bleeding or swollen gums while brushing your teeth or afterward, visit your dentist.

Do not ignore these early signs of gingivitis (gum disease). At this early stage, the dentist will treat mild gingivitis in-office by cleaning the built-up plaque. However, if left untreated, it will advance to severe gum issues that require deeper cleaning, scaling, or even surgery.

Additionally, some diseases reveal themselves through gum issues. Systemic underlying diseases like leukemia and diabetes may manifest as gum diseases. Due to the high glucose content in their saliva, people with diabetes are prone to gum diseases.

A dentist will recommend the best treatment for these problems and how to maintain healthy gums.

2. Loose Teeth

As an adult, you should not be anticipating any tooth fairy visits. Therefore, having loose teeth in adulthood is not a good sign. Permanent teeth should last your whole adult life. See a dentist soon as you notice wiggling, shifting, or teeth falling out. These are signs of teeth injury, infection, or bone loss. Injuries can be a result of car wrecks or sports accidents. If you experience any of these incidents, visit your dentist immediately so they can salvage your injured teeth.

Remember, even if you are not experiencing pain after an accident involving your mouth, there could be underlying jaw or nerve damage. Your dentist will perform an oral exam and take X-rays to determine the cause of loose teeth. Older people often experience bone loss due to weakened jaw bones which cause loose and wiggly teeth. If you notice loose teeth, your dentist will find solutions to fix your teeth. For example, they will replace loose teeth with dental implants.

3. Persistent Toothache

Something is wrong if you're experiencing a toothache that will not go away. The immense pain could be due to developed cavities or in more severe cases, an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth will need immediate medical treatment. The dentist will extract the tooth if it is infected or at the very least, drain and clean the infected area. Other common causes of persistent pain include damaged fillings, broken teeth, or teeth grinding.

If you have pain that radiates to your jaw/neck and keeps you up at night, book an emergency dentist appointment immediately. Ignoring the pain, even if it disappears after a day or two could be dire. The root of the pain will remain and will be costly to treat if not handled early.

Contact a local dentist to learn more.