Should You Consider Something Like Invisalign For Your Smile?

If you have had braces in the past, you may need them again as an adult. You can get something like Invisalign, which is a teeth straightening method that uses a special clear tool to give you straighter teeth over time. You can also consider more traditional styles of braces if you have very crooked or more severe teeth correction needs, although if you are a candidate for invisible braces, it may be best to go with those.

Should you consider something like Invisalign for your smile? Your dentist will walk you through the process to see if this is right for your teeth. Learn more here.

You don't like your current smile

If you have issues with your smile, such as a gap in your front teeth or crooked lower teeth, then getting invisible braces can work well for you. Clear aligners are fitted to your mouth to gently put your teeth in place over time, and as your smile improves, the aligners are changed out for new ones. Your smile will start to show improvement slowly and each month or so, you should have your dentist fit you for a new aligner to keep your smile improving well.

You want a more discreet dental solution

Do you want braces but you don't want heavy or bulky metal braces on your teeth? If you have really crooked teeth you may not have a choice, but if your dental correction needs are more minor, invisible aligners can be right for you. They're less bulky, more discreet, and can be more comfortable as well as a solution to help you get a better smile.

Your dentist will give you an oral exam to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign braces or a similar type of braces. If you are, then you'll get fitted for your first set of braces. You'll wear your clear aligners on either your upper or lower teeth but often will have both corrected at once. You can take your clear aligners out to eat, brush your teeth and sleep, but you must wear them consistently to get the best results.

You can change your smile for the better with clear aligners. Your dedication to a healthy smile can pay off by making it look better than ever. Ask your dentist about a payment plan if you are concerned about paying for clear braces as you may be eligible for a payment plan to make affording dental correction easier.