3 Tips To Help You Care For Your Ceramic Crowns

Crowns are one of the most versatile ways to restore your beautiful smile after suffering from chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth. They are also an excellent way to handle weak teeth and protect them from further damage. However, you will also need to take excellent care of your crowns if you want them to serve you a long time. Consider the following top three tips to help you care for your ceramic dental crowns

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

The first rule in caring for ceramic crowns is watching what you eat. Ceramic crowns are durable and strong. However, they do not contain the strength to crack hard food items like ice or hard candy. The food items will crack the ceramic crowns in a similar manner as they would damage your actual tooth. Sticky and chewy foods are also not recommended because chewing on them leads to some parts getting stuck between the crown and the gum, which can lead to problems. Also, sticky foods might stain the crown. 

Floss and Brush Your Teeth Regularly

You should also floss and brush your teeth regularly to keep them strong. One of the worst things that affect porcelain is the buildup of food and other debris on the surface because of poor dental hygiene. You can avoid this issue by brushing your teeth a few times daily as your dental practitioner will advise you. Flossing helps remove the dirt that gets stuck between the teeth. Note that the porcelain crowns might get stained by the acid produced by plaque bacteria, which is why oral hygiene is crucial when you have ceramic crowns. 

Stop the Bad Dental Habits

You should also avoid bad eating habits if you want the crowns to serve you for many years. You will find that some individuals enjoy chewing on items like pencils, ice, and other tough objects or open soda, beer, and other bottled beverages that have hard-to-budge caps with their teeth. If you do this, you might not notice the immediate effects of the behaviors, but eventually, they'll damage your teeth. Having that in mind, the crowns also get ruined the same way the natural tooth is affected. Once you get the crowns fitted in your mouth, you should be very mindful of what you eat.

These are some tips and guidelines to help you manage your crowns without the fear that they will get damaged. You should also consult your dentist about other ways to keep your crowns healthy for years.