Signs That Your Child Needs a Trip to the Dentist

Being a parent brings with it a lot of fun experiences that you share with your kids that create memories that last a lifetime, but it is not always smooth sailing. Especially when they are younger, many children can be hard to talk to or get information out of, especially if it relates to a health problem. Because of this, it is up to you to watch their body language and behavior to see if it will tell you something they themselves won't. Here are a few signs that your child should go to the dentist's office even if they won't admit it.

Refusal To Eat

Eating is something that every growing body needs, and any deviation from their normal hungry appetite should warrant a raised eyebrow from yourself. Obviously, if their teeth hurt they are going to want to avoid using them. Sometimes they will only avoid eating food that exists on the more extreme temperature range, so very cold or very hot. You might even notice them only really chewing food on one half of their mouth. Any kind of change or strange behavior should be noted when it comes to their eating habits, as you never know what they are hiding from you.

Blood In Sink Or Toothbrush

If you are beginning to become concerned that your child might need a trip to the local dentists then you can always do a little bit of detective work yourself. Go and check out their bathroom after they have gone to bed or left. If they are younger you can even supervise them as they brush their teeth. See if there is any blood in their toothbrush or the sink after they are finished and ask them how long it has been there if there is indeed any sign of red. 

Unusually Quiet

Most kids are quite boisterous in environments they feel safe and secure in, and any length of time that they keep their mouth shut can seem a little bit suspicious. While there are many reasons why a child might be sulking and not wanting to talk to you, if you combine this behavior with others on this list it becomes much more of a clear pattern. If their mouth hurts, they are not going to want to talk for just any old reason, and they may physically keep their jaw shut all day, which should stand out to you after a little while.