Why You Should Get Dental X-Rays Taken

Are you scheduled to get x-rays taken of your teeth at your next dental appointment but are hesitant to have them taken because you're worried about radiation? Dental x-rays are essential to figuring out what is happening inside your teeth and under your gums, which is why it is important to get them. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't refuse dental x-rays if you have concerns.

Dental X-Rays Are Quick And Painless

One reason that many people are worried about dental x-rays is feeling possible discomfort. While it may be a bit uncomfortable to have them taken, especially if you have to hold a device in your mouth for bitewing x-rays, know that the entire process is quick and painless. It is well worth the small amount of discomfort to receive the benefits that a dental x-ray can provide you. If you have a gag reflex that makes it difficult to take dental x-rays, make sure to let your dentist know so that they can be mindful of your condition.

Dental X-Rays Have Minimal Radiation

Dental x-rays have come a long way from the technology that has been used in the past. When you have a digital x-ray taken today, know that they use much less radiation than the x-rays you likely had taken when you were a child. In fact, the radiation from a dental x-ray is often compared to the radiation you receive from eating a banana, which really puts in perspective how little radiation is used to see inside your teeth.

However, you may still be wondering why your dentist leaves the room if x-rays are so safe. While x-rays do use a minimal amount of radiation, you must realize that dentists take multiple x-rays every single day. This can add up over time, and there is no reason for your dentist to be exposed to that much radiation if they can avoid it by simply leaving the room.

Dental X-Rays Are Affordable

Know that a dental x-ray is not going to be the same cost as getting a chest x-ray at the hospital. Dental x-rays are relatively cheap when you look at the grand scheme of your total dental care. Compare it to getting an oil change on your vehicle, since you are paying a little bit upfront to prevent damage from happening later. In addition, many dental insurance plans will cover your annual dental x-rays that are part of your preventative visit. 

Reach out to a local dentist to learn more.