What Is Tooth Mineralization and Remineralization?

Tooth mineralization and tooth remineralization are key concepts of dentistry and important to know. If you are wondering what these are and if they relate to your oral health, here are several things you should know.

The basic definitions of tooth mineralization and tooth remineralization

Tooth mineralization is a natural process that happens to teeth, but this process is not a good thing. Your teeth are full of minerals, including calcium, and as you age and as you expose your teeth to foods and drinks, your teeth will lose these minerals. As your teeth lose minerals, the process is called tooth mineralization.

Tooth remineralization is the opposite of this—it is the process you use to rebuild the minerals in your teeth to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to problems.

Risks of tooth mineralization

As tooth mineralization occurs, your teeth become weaker and prone to cavities and other oral problems. Tooth mineralization first affects the enamel on your teeth. The enamel is a substance that teeth naturally come with, and this substance is very hard. It is there for protection, and it stops teeth from getting damaged from decay. When you lose the enamel through tooth mineralization, your teeth are weaker and are unable to stop decay as effectively as they can when there is enough enamel. As the process progresses, the mineralization of your teeth can affect your jawbone by causing it to weaken and lose density and mass.

Ways to complete tooth remineralization

If your teeth are affected by mineralization, you will need to find ways to remineralize them to strengthen and build them back up. To do this, you will need to make sure you are exposing your teeth to fluoride each day, and you can do this through toothpaste and mouth rinse products. You may also want to cut back on eating foods high in sugar and drinking acidic beverages. Additionally, you should consider eating foods that have a lot of calcium and other minerals in them, as consuming foods like this can help you strengthen your teeth. Your dentist can give you more suggestions as to ways to complete the tooth remineralization process.

If your dentist is concerned with the mineralization of your teeth, he or she might discuss this issue with you to find ways to complete the remineralization process. To find out more about this topic, talk to a dentist in your town and ask for a dental exam.