3 Primary Benefits Of Getting A Dental Crown

If you have a tooth that is damaged, or has had to be removed from your mouth, and you want to have a full set of teeth again, you should consider getting a dental crown. With a dental crown, you will enjoy aesthetic benefits, chewing support, and protection.  

Benefit #1: Aesthetic 

Having a damaged tooth can ruin the appearance of your smile. How your smile looks matters. When you smile at someone, they don't just see your eyes and face; they also see your teeth inside of your mouth. If you have damaged teeth, the truth is that some people may make judgment calls on who you are based on the fact that you have damaged teeth. Having damaged teeth can have an impact on how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. 

When you get a dental crown, your damaged tooth will be fixed. The damage will be taken care of and hidden; when you smile, no one will be able to see the damage. A dental crown is designed to fit in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.  

Benefit #2: Chewing Support

Next, getting a dental crown on a damaged tooth, you will enjoy extra chewing support. When you have a damaged tooth, it is natural to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. This can cause stress on the other side of your mouth. It can also make chewing extremely uncomfortable.  

When you add a dental crown to a damaged tooth, you will be able to chew on that side of your mouth again. You will be able to eat food properly. You will be able to chew without pain and with ease again. Being able to chew with your entire mouth can provide you with a lot of relief and make an everyday task more pleasant and enjoyable. 

Benefit #3: Additional Protection

When you get a dental crown on a damaged tooth on over the top of a dental implant, you are protecting your tooth. The dental crown will bond with your original tooth or with the dental implant. This will help protect the existing tooth from further damage and decay, and will allow you to keep your original tooth. If you have a dental implant in place, a dental crown on top of the dental implant will help preserve the integrity of the implant.  

If you have a damaged tooth in your mouth, and your dentist wants you to get a dental implant, you should agree to the procedure. A dental crown will protect your damaged tooth, allow you to chew correctly again, and will provide you with aesthetic benefits as well.  For more information on dental crowns, check with your local dentist.