Invisible Braces: Better From Your Dentist Or A Mail Subscription Club?

Lately, mail order subscription clubs are shipping everything from monthly boxes of Japanese junk food to invisible, removable braces. The junk food, while fun and amusing, will probably not be good for your teeth, and the mail order braces may not be good for your teeth either. If you were to ask your dentist about products like Invisalign invisible braces and many similar products, you would get a lot of information on how these products work. Here is more about the invisible braces you would receive from a dentist/orthodontist versus the mail order ones. 

Mail Order Ones Do Not Have a Dentist Monitoring Your Progress

The biggest problem with the mail order braces is that you are relying on what a remote orthodontist is judging to be the best treatment plan for your teeth. Nobody is actually monitoring the progress of your teeth with these braces, which could lead to additional problems later on. If you want to make sure these mail order braces are doing a good job, arrange to visit a dentist or orthodontist every month to verify that no serious issues are developing as a result of using this product.

Mail Order Ones May or May Not Be Cheaper

Orthodontic appliances are not cheap, but can you really save money getting your invisible braces through the mail? That all depends on the severity of your crooked teeth and/or any issues you have with malocclusion of your bite. Most people do not realize that if they have some pretty severe problems, they will need several more sets of invisible braces to fix these issues, and the mail order company will charge you more than what their advertising claims. Ultimately, it may come out to cost as much, if not more, than the supervised and supported care of a licensed dentist/orthodontist with the braces a dentist/orthodontist would have made for you. 

Payment Plans Are Offered Via Your Dentist/Orthodontist Too

The big draw for mail order invisible "smile correctors" is the fact that you make a very small payment every month. Too many patients tend to think that they have to come up with one huge payment to pay all at once to the orthodontist/dentist, but a lot of orthodontists and dentists have affordable payment plans, too. In addition to payment plans, there are several dental credit card and financing plans available, which make your invisible braces from a local dentist/orthodontist who can monitor your progress more affordable. 

Speak with your dentist for more information about Invisalign