Understand What Invisalign Has Over Metal Braces

Braces used to be the lifesavers for those who had one or more of many different dental problems. For many, braces were their only hope for fixing their dental problems. However, even though many were happy to have an option available to them, there were many others who decided to stick with their teeth instead of wearing invasive braces. While those same braces are still common today, with many improvements, there are now also other options. Invisalign has also become popular for the plentiful bonuses it offers.

What does Invisalign offer that braces don't?

Nothing is going to feel great on your teeth all the time, but Invisalign won't be nearly as uncomfortable as braces. Some of the common complaints about traditional metal braces are:

  • Painful when they are put on
  • Painful after every tightening
  • Cause cuts in the mouth
  • Can be broken by certain foods
  • Can leave color differences on teeth when removed
  • Are obvious when talking or smiling
  • Are considered expensive to many people

In contrast, Invisalign can prove a better option for many because it isn't as irritating and doesn't cause a lot of the issues pointed out in the bulleted list above. Since both serve the same purpose, it would only make sense that the two options would have to have some similarities as well.

What are some similarities between braces and Invisalign?

Even though there are plenty of differences between the two, there are also some similarities. These similarities include:

  • Both adjust your teeth as needed
  • Both cover the surfaces of your teeth
  • Both require adjustments regularly as your teeth shift

What are some other things you should know to prepare for Invisalign?

If you like the idea of taking the easier route to correcting your teeth, it will come at a cost. It's true that Invisalign as invasive as metal braces. However, since the system is gentler, it also won't work as quickly.

Can anyone go with Invisalign?

While the aligners a very good option for some, there are others who may require the increased pressure that comes with metal braces. Also, the dentist may find other reasons why they would recommend a patient wear metal braces or even put off getting either for the time being. Always discuss your wants with the dentist, then listen to them with regards to their recommendations. They are going to steer you to the best option for your entire situation.

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