How Does Changing Pairs Of Invisible Braces Work?

If you've ever had standard braces or know someone who has had them, you know that periodic trips are made to the orthodontist's office to adjust those braces. This is what helps to keep them moving the teeth in the right direction so that you can get the smile that you want. However, invisible braces are a little bit different. If you're curious about how invisible braces can achieve the smile you're looking for, read on.

No Tightening

Invisible braces are made out of translucent plastic, and they can't be adjusted individually like standard metal braces can be. What you see is what you get, essentially.

When you first start using invisible braces, the first pair should fit quite comfortably over your teeth. The first pair is created based on a mold of your teeth with only slight alterations made to it to help start the shift of your teeth into a proper position.

Changing Pairs

Since adjusting invisible braces isn't possible, the solution is to change pairs after a while. Essentially, once the braces you've been wearing fit your teeth perfectly, it's time to shift to a new one. Continuing to use the old pair will help to maintain the correction and keep your teeth where they are, but they won't continue the progression to the next position.

That being said, it's ultimately up to your orthodontist to determine when it's time to move to a new pair.

What to Expect

Your orthodontist should set up regular appointments to see you and to check how your teeth are moving. This will help them to ensure that everything is going as it should, and it will allow them to track your progress to determine when it's safe to switch to a new pair.

If your orthodontist authorizes it, they'll give you a new pair of invisible braces. You should expect putting it on to feel a lot like when you first got invisible braces. The adjustments are slow and steady, which means you won't experience much discomfort, if any.

Once you have your new pair of invisible braces, your teeth will begin to shift into a better position again. Depending on your correction course, you may be wearing a single pair of invisible braces for weeks at a time. Your orthodontist will tell you exactly how long you should expect to be using it, although if your next examination shows that your teeth aren't adjusting as expected, this number may change.

Invisible braces are a great option for their versatility, gentleness, and the ability to take them off whenever you want to eat or clean your teeth. Switching to a new pair of invisible braces is easy and essentially just takes the place of having standard metal braces tightened. If you have further questions, talk to your orthodontist to find out things like how many invisible braces pairs you'll receive and when to expect treatment to be complete.