Dental Reconstruction Procedures That Can Transform Your Smile

If you have extensive dental problems due to an accident, poor oral health, or from a condition such as grinding your teeth, you might need dental reconstruction to restore the function of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. Your dentist has different options to consider depending on the structures of your mouth that have been affected. For instance, the damage may include your gums, bones, or joint in your jaw, as well as your teeth. When it comes to reconstructing your teeth, your dentist may choose one of these treatments.

Restoring Damage Due To Decay

If several of your teeth are decayed or if you have old fillings that are loose, then your dentist may have to put in several new fillings. You may even want old silver fillings taken out and replaced with white resin fillings to be less noticeable. Before your cavities can be filled, your teeth should be healthy, and this might involve having a root canal procedure. It's possible that you'll need multiple root canals when you have several decayed teeth and infections.

You might even need to have treatments for your gum disease, since gum disease often accompanies decayed teeth when poor oral hygiene is involved. Gum disease treatments include deep cleaning or surgery to graft on new gum tissue or new bone. One problem that's common in teeth with big cavities is that they can't be filled. The cavity has to be drilled out and the tooth topped with a crown. You might need multiple crowns or even a bridge if it is necessary to pull a few teeth.

Placing Implants For Dentures

After a thorough examination and comparison of costs, you and your dentist may decide it's better to pull your bad teeth and replace them with dentures. You may need a partial denture, double dentures, or a single denture for the top teeth. This can help you avoid multiple root canals and crowns, but pulling teeth is often a last resort since saving them is usually best if possible. If you decide to get dentures, your dentist may recommend getting implants as well. The implants will hold the dentures tight in your mouth so you won't have problems eating or speaking.

Improving The Appearance Of Your Teeth

If the problems with your teeth are mostly cosmetic, then your dentist can use options such as placing veneers on them, using braces to straighten your teeth, or whitening them with a laser. You might even need surgery that reshapes your gums if your teeth appear too short. Veneers cover discoloration, such as permanent staining from an injury that can't be whitened with peroxide. They also cover chips and uneven teeth to give you a uniform smile. If you're not happy with your teeth because they seem too short, uneven, too dark, or slightly twisted, then veneers could be the best choice since you can have them on all your front teeth to create a pretty smile.

A dentist can transform about any problem you may have when it comes to the appearance, function, or health of your mouth. Some treatments, such as veneers, provide almost instant results while others, such as braces, may take months to work. The time, expense, and effort are worth it since a pretty smile is very important to your self-confidence at work and in social situations. Contact professionals like Gregory T Grubba for more information.