Tips To Get Your Child Excited For Their First Dental Visit

As a parent, you know the importance of teaching your kids proper dental care. You want them to know the right way to brush and floss to protect their pearly whites from cavities. Children tend to eat a lot of sweets, so a regular schedule of brushing is vital. Once the child becomes old enough, they will need to go to their first dental visit. For a lot of kids, this can be scary. There are a lot of things that you can go to get your kid ready for their first visit with a minimal amount of stress and fear.

Find a Dentist

Instead of taking the child to your dentist, you should find a dental practice focused on kids. Call the office and ask if they accept your dental insurance. If so, it is highly beneficial to the child to take them there instead of to a dental office that caters to adults. A dental office centered towards kids goes to great lengths to make kids comfortable. There will be a play area set up in the waiting room for kids to amuse themselves while they wait. Once the kid goes back for their appointment, the staff will talk them through everything they are doing to ease their fears. A lot of dental practices have televisions on the ceiling right above their chairs, so they can watch cartoons while they are getting their teeth cleaned and inspected. After the kids are finished, they can pick out a prize and get a new toothbrush.

Give a Reward

You can reward the child for their first dental visit with a reward. This reward can be a treat, a special visit somewhere like a park, or a toy. Plan the reward in advance so the child has something to look forward to. Some stores even sell blank certificates that you can write "First Dentist Visit" on and give to your child. This will be an extra-special way of celebrating with them. The more special you make it, the more excited the kid will be. They won't be scared next time they have a dentist appointment.


In order to keep your child excited about the visit, you need to help them keep their teeth healthy. You don't want your child to have to experience shots, drills, and anything else involved with fixing cavities. It is things like this that typically generates fear of the dentist. You don't want your child to have to experience that type of pain and fear, so instill in them the importance of clean teeth and cut down on sugary snacks.

Contact a general dentistry office for additional information.