Getting A Root Canal Is Usually A Better Idea Than Jumping To A Dental Implant

A seriously decayed tooth can only be saved by either completely replacing it with an implant or saving it with a root canal. Which of these techniques is better? It is typically a better idea to go with a root canal before skipping to the more costly and invasive implant.

Why One Tooth Will Decay

Dental decay can be rather difficult to predict. In many instances, only one tooth will suffer from serious decay while the rest are just fine. Why is this the case? There are many influences on dental decay. Chief among them are type of foods a person eats, how they chew, and how well they take care of their teeth.

These factors can cause a single tooth to decay while others around it are just fine. When a single tooth suffers from serious decay, a person has the choice to get it repaired using procedures like a root canal or a dental implant.

The Nature Of A Root Canal

A root canal requires operating on the tooth and filling it up with a hardening enamel that holds it in place. It is often considered a very difficult or problematic procedure by many people. However, it has become a relatively easy and quick procedure that is as pain-free as possible. For the right person, it will completely save a rotting tooth and keep it from falling out.

However, some people may want to skip a root canal and go directly to a dental implant. This idea is typically not a good one except in cases of severe decay. Why do dentists encourage their patients to get a root canal before a dental implant?

The Benefits Of This Process

So should a person get a root canal or simply get an implant instead? Typically, it is best to get a root canal before getting an implant. There are many reasons for this preference. First of all, a root canal is less invasive. To get a dental implant, it requires completely removing the tooth and adding a new one. A root canal will save the old tooth and keep it in place for years to come.

It also helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and other infection to areas of the mouth, including other teeth and the gums. This benefit is crucial because it can help stop the mouth from feeling serious pain. A dental implant will do the same thing, but in a more invasive and problematic way when compared to a simple root canal.

That doesn't mean that a dental implant doesn't have its purpose. When a tooth has gotten too rotten to save, a dental implant is necessary. However, starting with a root canal is a great idea because the process will save a tooth from serious decay and is more likely to be covered by insurance.  

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