2 Ways To Help The Appearance Of Your Teeth And Smile

When your teeth are crooked, misaligned, or are discolored and not as white as they should be, it can cause your self-confidence to fall and even keep you from showing your teeth when you smile. Fortunately, there are several ways you can straighten and whiten your teeth. Here are some ways to help you straighten and whiten your teeth.

Straighten Your Teeth

When your teeth are crooked, you can have your teeth contoured to help correct this by sanding away portions of your tooth enamel and filing in gaps with a white resin to match the rest of your teeth. For more severe teeth alignment problems, you can have porcelain dental veneers placed over your original teeth to give them a straight appearance..

Braces are a traditional approach to straightening your existing teeth with the use of metal wires attached onto the front of your teeth. But you can also get lingual braces, which are braces attached onto the backs of your teeth so they are not visible while you talk or smile. 

For more severe tooth crowding and misalignment, you can use clear teeth aligners, like Invisalign, to straighten your teeth. These clear aligners come in a series that fit tightly around your teeth and push on the teeth in the direction they need to be moved. Each aligner's shape in the series is altered slightly to move your teeth to their desired position over time. This option is beneficial because you can remove the liners to clean the surface of your teeth and inside the aligner, and they are clear as to be less noticeable while you wear them.

Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening products are readily available today to make the process of whitening your teeth the easiest it has ever been. You can buy whitening products, such as toothpastes, tooth strips, and pastes at most grocery and drug stores to use right at home, or you can ask your dentist for whitening treatments.

If you don't want to use peroxide and other whitening chemicals to lighten your teeth, you can use some natural products that you may already have in your kitchen. Oil pulling is a method that has been around for centuries providing many health benefits including teeth whitening.

To practice oil pulling daily, in the morning and before you eat or drink anything, take one to two teaspoons of organic sesame, sunflower, or coconut oil into your mouth and allow the oil to melt. Swish the oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes. Be sure to swish and push the oil through your teeth and under your tongue to allow it to reach all crevices inside your mouth.

After 20 minutes, spit the oil into the trash and rinse your mouth with warm water. Follow this up with brushing your teeth, as usual, for the day. This method to whiten your teeth is safe to use if you are pregnant and nursing, and on children who are old enough to not swallow the oil during the process.

During the pulling process, the oil attaches onto any plaque, bacteria, and other toxins in your mouth, and whitens your teeth along with the added benefit of reducing any teeth sensitivity you may have.

Consider these two options to improve the appearance of your teeth.