2 Oral Rinses To Keep Your Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Clean

If you have a moderate or mild form of sleep apnea, then the simplest way to treat it is with an oral appliance. Oral appliances are customized to fit your specific mouth. The appliance holds up and supports your jaw in order to create a pathway that is not obstructed. Even though you may only use the device while sleeping, it is still important to regularly clean the device. If left uncleaned, a sleep apnea oral appliance will attract bacteria. These bacteria can quickly result in a severe infection. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to keep your sleep apnea oral appliance clean.

Clove and Lemon Oral Rinse

Since clove and lemons are packed with a number of antibacterial properties, they are often used as a home cleaner. However, they work just as well as an oral rinse that can be used to keep your mouth and oral appliance bacteria free. In order to create your oral rinse, take a handful of cloves and several slices of lemon and soak them in a bowl of hot water. Allow the herbs to soak for several hours or soak them overnight in order to ensure that the rinse is as strong as possible. In the morning, rinse your oral device using the rinse, then use the oral rinse in your mouth. You can even soak your device in the rinse when it is not in use.

Saltwater Rinse

If you are all out of herbs, then the easiest oral rinse that you can create from home is a salt water rinse. To begin, take a handful of salt and place it in a large bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water and use a spoon to mix the salt around for a few minutes until it fully dissolves. In the morning, place your oral appliance in the salt water rinse and soak it there for several hours. Once you are ready to use it, rinse your oral appliance under plain water and place it into your mouth. It is best to keep your appliance submerged in the rinse until you are ready to use it.

Oral appliances are great for getting rid of your sleep apnea problem. in order for them to continue to work, they need to be kept free of bacteria at all times. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are able to make this happen.