2 Sleeping Tips To Help Prevent Soreness When Wearing Your Headgear Device

When you first get your headgear installed, it is expected that you will experience an increased amount of pain and soreness. This happens because your teeth are trying to adjust to the new dental device. When you have worn the headgear for some time, the soreness should subside and you should experience very little pain. However, this soreness can emerge again when you sleep. If you do not choose your sleeping position wisely or if you sleep using the wrong support, then you can wake up with sore teeth. This often happens because the headgear pulls against your teeth while you sleep. This can end up interrupting your sleep and keeping you up all night. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help developing soreness when wearing your headgear to sleep.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping with a headgear is probably one of the biggest challenges. It will take some time finding the position that provides you with the most amount of comfort through the night. While some positions are better than others, sleeping on your stomach is one that should be avoided. A headgear is designed to gently move your teeth into alignment. However, when you sleep on your stomach, the headgear will begin to press on your teeth. This pressure yanks your teeth to the side and makes them feel incredibly sore. You will probably have a difficult time sleeping while in this position. Instead, consider sleeping on your back. This helps to alleviate pressure on your headgear and teeth.

Use an Orthodontic Headgear Support Pillow

Using a normal pillow can make your teeth feel incredibly sore in the morning. These pillows cause the headgear to push against your teeth and press into your skin when any form of pressure is applied to it. A headgear pillow contains a small opening in the pillow that allows you to slide your headgear into while you sleep. You can use the headgear to sleep on your back and side without having to experience any kind of discomfort. You can find a headgear pillow through your orthodontist or by visiting a medical supply store near you. 

While a headgear device is excellent for fixing your teeth, it can result in a lot of discomfort if you are not familiar with how to sleep with the device on. Therefore, use these sleeping tips to help ease some of this discomfort.