Everything You Need To Now About Crowns

If you are going to be having crowns put on some of your teeth and you have never had it done before, then you will have questions about the process and what you can expect once the crowns are in. The more you learn about crowns ahead of time, the better you will feel about going in to have them put in and the better prepared you will be for the process and outcome. This article will help to answer a lot of the more commonly asked questions many people have about crowns.

What are the benefits of going with crowns?

One of the biggest benefits of going with crowns is they give you permanent tooth replacements that look and feel just like natural teeth. They are also strong so you can go about your normal dental routine without worrying about something happening to them.

What do crowns look like?

There are different types of crowns, so you can choose the ones that look how you want them to. Most commonly, they are made with porcelain overlays that match the color of your other teeth so they look just like your normal teeth do. However, you can also choose to go with ones that have a silver or gold appearance or ones that have had a tattoo added to the surface to them if you are a fan of body art.   

How are they put in?

Crowns are made in a dental lab that will use an impression of your mouth to build them to fit. The dentist will prepare the tooth by bringing it down in size and then adding a bonding material to the surface of the tooth that will cement the crown on it. The crown will be put on and pressed down into place where it will permanently remain.  

Do they require special care?

Once you have the crowns in, they will become just like your other teeth in almost every way. They won't require any more care than your normal teeth, but they will require the same amount. You want to brush them, floss them and continue using mouthwash regularly, just as you already do to care for your natural teeth. Keep in mind, crowns can stain just as regular teeth can, so stay away from foods known to stain them like black tea and coffee.

Now that you have some answers to the more commonly asked questions about dental crowns, you may feel better going in to have your crowns put on. For more information, contact Christopher L. Schneider, DMD or a similar dental professional.