3 Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

There are multiple ways to whiten your teeth. Some methods use only natural materials that can be easily found at your local grocery store. Here are a few natural ways to lighten the color of your teeth:

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is the practice of swishing oil around your mouth to trap bacteria and dissolve stains. A healthy oil, such as sesame oil, olive oil or coconut oil, is usually used.

It is important to avoid swallowing the oil as you move it around your mouth, and the oil should always be released into a trash receptacle at the end of your oil pulling session. Since the oil traps oral bacteria, swallowing the contaminated oil should be avoided.  In addition, oils such as coconut oil may remain a solid at room temperature and can clog your plumbing, so never release the oil into a sink or toilet.

Stains that are not water-based, such as those from the oils of coffee, may be dissolved by oil pulling and released from the tooth enamel. The oil also reaches more deeply into the pores of the teeth than solid or semi-solid cleaning agents.


Turmeric, which is often added to Indian dishes, such as curry, can also be used to brighten your teeth. The yellow spice can be mixed with water to form a natural toothpaste, or you can sprinkle it in a cup of water as a natural mouth rinse.

Turmeric is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so in addition to whitening your teeth, turmeric can help improve your gum health and lower oral bacterial counts.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular natural whitener. It is so effective that it is often added as a component of commercial whitening toothpaste. In addition to its whitening ability, baking soda is alkaline, so it can help neutralize decay-causing acid in your mouth.

Since decay can also cause dental discoloration, baking soda can preserve the whiteness of your teeth in multiple ways.

To use baking soda as a toothpaste, you can mix it directly with water or moisten your brush and dip the brush into the powder. You can even add baking soda to your normal toothpaste. This may be a preferred option for people who dislike the salty taste.

If you would like to have whiter teeth, some dental staining can be removed using natural methods. However, deep staining is still better addressed by professional dental applications. Contact a dentist in your area, like Picone Dental - Vincent J Picone DDS, to determine the best whitening options for you.